Commonly compared to the traditional Optimist, which incorporates the same very simple sail to mount that extends into the mast and the same centreboard and rudder, the hull of the Europi presents as novelties:
  • The water line incorporates 3 omegas from bow to stern that give it extra rigidity.
  • At the back of the daggerboard box there is a plastic ring that protects the daggerboard from possible collisions.
  • The transom incorporates two holes for emptying water protected by two rubber balls, and a drain plug for the inner tank.
  • The bench that holds the mast incorporates a thick elastic that makes us safe so that it does not escape in a possible overturn. On the other hand, the great watertightness of the boat makes it very easy to right the Europi after a capsize, and that almost no water is left in it.
Characteristics EUROPI
Length  2,39 m
Beam 1,21 m
Sail area 3,3 m2
Weight 39 kg
Crew 1-2

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