By building this model, Topper wants to make use of its maximum space and functionality. The hull is very spacious and the transom is open, so the Taz can be navigated by two people. On the one hand, a child of 30kg of weight can handle it alone and, having a load capacity of 90kg, it gives you the possibility that two or three children or an adult and a child can also sail together.

It is ideal for young beginners to gain confidence, as it is very easy to handle and very stable, which allows the initiator, alone or with a monitor, to enjoy from the first moment of sailing.

The rig is very simple. The boat comes with a mainsail and there exists the option of placing a small jib.

The self-emptying hull thanks to its open transom, the external safety lines located on the sides of the hull and the inner support bars make it very safe for sailing and tremendously easy to straighten in case of rollover.

Given its size and weight, it is easily loadable on the roof of the car.


Characteristics Taz +
Length  2,95 m
Beam 1,20 m
Sail area (Ex Spi) 5,39 m2
Main 4,86 m2
Jib 1,00 m2
Weight 40 kg
Crew 1-2

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