Catamaran Topaz 14

The Cat 14 offers a great performance. It is light and agile, with a great and docile response to rudder movements.

The mainsail can be reefed and it has a furling jib. The boat is controllable and easy to handle at all times. Single and double trapeze options are available.

Catamarans sail fast because their hulls have a small contact surface to the water. The area and the wide platform give the crew more influence than in regular dinghy. The platform provides a high power-to-weight ratio, but the hulls must be lightweight and rigid. Cat-14 floats are light, stiff and more dynamic than any other rotomolded catamaran with a tense and responsive response. It is very resistant, so the maintenance is really affordable.

The “pedigree” of the Olympic champion pair Loday / White is clearly evident in the design. Performance is bright, but it is easily controlled and well thought out with a lot of smart features.

Many sailors of light sailing believe that the weakness of a catamaran is their inability to turn. Tanks to the Loday/White design, these preconceptions can be forgotten. They Loday/White design team has moved the skegs, as if they were small keels, to the right, under the mainsail, where they act as central boards and allow the catamaran to turn perfectly, which makes it a pleasure to pass from float to float.

The trampoline is full of space for the rudder and the crew to move. And when they want to go out on the trapeze, it is easy to get hooked and get away thanks to the exclusive non-slip surface of the Topper catamarans. The Topaz 14 also comes with a fully adjustable rudder system with a small, clean, simple and fail-safe lever to block each blade. And the blades are sensitively moulded by injection in plastic, so they are very resistant and durable. All pre-stretched fittings and sheets are the kind of kit that can be normally found only in the expensive high-end racing catamaran.

Safety features include a fully sealed mast and header float to ensure that if the cat-14 is overturned, it will float sideways instead of inverting. Thanks to the straightening ropes and the weight placed aft on the hull means the catamaran can be straightened effortlessly even for a very light crew.

The cat-14 is robust, lightweight and rigid, with a total modern design that offers a sensational navigation. The construction of the durable and robust hull and the highest range of equipment that comes standard allow the Cat-14 to be the leading catamaran in its segment.


Characteristics TOPAZ 14 TOPAZ 14X
Length 4,25 m
Beam 2,05 m
Weight 110 kg
Crew 1-3
Trapeze Doble
Sail area 9,98 m2
Main 8,04 m2
Jib 1,94 m2
Gennaker 9,89 m2
Rating SCHRS 1.383 1.350

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