The Magno is a great family boat, with a deep and spacious hull with capacity to carry a family of four members. Two seats for children are placed in the front of the cabin and a fiberglass barrier is located in the center, along with seats on the side of the hull, which produces a very wide space for a family.

The flotation device, placed on top of the sail, eliminates the risk of total capsize. Also, the roller jib is simple enough for a beginner to use.

TRILAM technology provides an unparalleled strength / weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, rigidity and durability.

The sails are available in Dacron for a beginner sailing family or in Mylar for more experienced parents who teach children.


Characteristics MAGNO
Length  3,94 m
Beam 1,56 m
Sail area (Ex Spi) 10,63 m2
Main 8,33 m2
Jib 2,30 m2
Spinnaker 10,88 m2
Weight 89 kg
Crew 1-4

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