Catamaran Topaz 12

The catamarans offer young children a great introduction to sailing. They can quickly learn to navigate. They are very comfortable and tremendously stable, based on a platform that do not capsize, and with plenty of space to have fun in the trampoline. The hull is spacious and it is very versatile, so it can be navigated by one or two and up to three children, or a monitor and a double crew. Learning to sail in a fast and fun catamaran offers an exciting and attractive way to learn to a young sailor. The Cat-12 has been thought out by the team of Olympic champions Yves Loday and Robert White.

The Topaz Cat -12 has a mainsail in radial cut dacron that optimizes performance with total control over the catamaran. It also carries a trapeze for the crew in which it is easy to get up and leave thanks to the exclusive non-slip surface of the entire Topper range.

The performance of the Cat-12 is always controllable. It can be complemented with an asymmetric spinnaker, which provides an increase in power that adds another level of emotion and progression.

The Topaz 12 rig is very simple and direct. The halyards are grouped at the base of the mast, where they are kept in a bag. The Cat-12 comes with a fully adjustable rudder system. The rudder blades are made of injection moulded plastic so they are very resistant and durable, which is just what is required in an initiation catamaran.  Safety features include a fully sealed mast and masthead float to ensure that in case of a capsize the catamaran will float sideways instead of reversing. The straightening ropes and the weight placed on the transom will make it possible to straighten the catamaran effortlessly even for very light crews.


Characteristics TOPAZ 12 TOPAZ 12X
Length  3,65 m
Beam 1,78 m
Weight 85 kg
Crew 1-2
Sail area 6,91 m2
Main 5,56 m2
Jib 1,35 m2
Gennaker 7,05 m2
Rating SCHRS 1.450 1.400

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