The Vibe is the first answer of the entire Topper boat range with a fixed swing-down daggerboard. It is an extraordinary combination of a moderate length (3.80 m) and with an excellent low weight of 80 kilos. This gives the boat a great versatility, being able to carry from two to five children, or from one to three adults. It is stable and modern, and some of the features that it has are: a reefing mainsail, a genakker easy to use, and finally the system of kicker the boom that allows more space.

We also have a more powerful Vibe, called the Vibe X. It uses the same hull as the original Vibe, which has proven to be exceptionally stable, lightweight and compact, with the addition of a larger and more powerful set of sails and mast. The additional power that allows the boat to surf and sail even faster is ideal for weaker wind conditions, heavier sailors or to challenge crews as they grow in confidence.

The Vibe X equipment results in a 20% increase in the sail area, with the higher mast equipped with additional low shrouds and crossarms, for better curve control and mast compression. This makes it easier to take power off the mainsail by limiting against the wind, with enough support for a lighter rig to navigate the trapeze without distorting the hull, plus a longer pole to fly with a considerably larger asymmetric spinnaker.

The standard Vibe is an excellent option for young, light and inexperienced sailors who want instant access to an exciting navigation. The Vibe X generates even greater performance to take it to the next level of progression, while preserving the excellent stability and mastery capacity of the Vibe hull ship. The result: much more control and smoothness sailing than you would expect from a boat with this amount of thrust.


Characteristics Vibe Vibe X
Length  3,80 m  3,80 m
Beam 1,66 m 1,66 m
Sail area (Ex Spi) 9,11 m2 10,63 m2
Main 6,90 m2 8,33 m2
Jib 2,21 m2 2,30 m2
Spinnaker 8,41 m2 10,88 m2
Weight 80 kg 80 kg
Crew 1-3 1-3

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