The 420 is the most popular double-dinghy in the world. Designed in 1961, about 60,000 boats have been built in all these years.
In Spain, the class is at a great moment. The Cup and Championship of Spain hover around 100 participants each year, there are regattas with lots of participation in all the communities and titles and international recognition is constant.

Lenam Vela Ligera, licensed for manufacture since 1998 has contributed with more than 1300 boats to the 420 class.
At Lenam we make a 420 without haste, with passion. The whole process is studied in detail.

The 420 has a strict regulation regarding the materials to be used in its manufacture. Only polyester resin is allowed, while Sandwich-type construction, which is allowed on Optimist, Europa, Snipe…, is forbidden. From these premises, the quality of the raw materials used in the construction of the 420 Lenam is maximum. The NPG isophthalic gelcoat and the isophthalic polyester resin, both with the highest H.D.T (temperature at which the gelcoat and resin can degrade), allow an elongation and elasticity of the laminated materials unequalled, enduring the harshest sailing conditions and suffering less with collisions than other boats.

The glass fibre used is the mat with powder binder, which avoids osmosis problems and offers better chemical resistance properties than other fibres of lower cost.

These materials are much more expensive than other permitted materials, but they ensure an unsurpassed quality of finish and a longer life and competitiveness of the boat over time.

It has already been mentioned mentioned that solutions to give rigidity to the hull or sandwich-type deck with P.V.C. foam are not allowed in 420. What is allowed to give consistency to the hull and deck are omega-type reinforcements to be placed according to the criteria of the shipyard. And it is at this point where the 420 Lenam has an important number of original reinforcements, which perfectly combine its minimum weight and maximum rigidity. In addition, the 420 in general for its special shape with a bulky bow, must take special care to make it light in that area, which Lenam achieves with a particular design of omegas in bow, very light and consistent, which at the same time allow it to provide the hull with a center of gravity more backward than its competitors, a fundamental aspect in short wave conditions or with weighty crews.

Once the hull and deck have been laminated, they remain in the mould for a minimum of one week, in a post-curing process at a constant temperature, in order to achieve the necessary degree of rigidity and curing that will provide the definitive dinghy with a long life at full performance.

And if the materials to be used are very limited, as we have commented in the 420 rules, on the other hand the water lines of the class allow tolerances that give a lot of game. Lenam gives a very versatile response to all wind and wave conditions. The wave conditions can be very different depending on where you are sailing. For instance, the typicall Mediterranean wave, characterized for being short, is different than the waves you can find in the Atlantic. Because of the knowledge provided by sailors and monitors, the water lines of the Lenam give a very easy navigation and maximum speed in these so diverse conditions.

The position and draft of the centreboard and rudder have also been studied to optimise navigation.

The design of the deck, the only one of all the shipyards manufacturing the 420 that is in one piece, contributes to the perfect alignment of the key elements in this section, such as stay chain, bonfire, cockpit, centreboard box and rudder hardware.

The boat is presented with the best hardware and accessories, with the cockpit as “clean” and tidy as possible. Details such as the padded belts with no water absorption, the neoprene anti-slip system for the crew, the spi bags made of water- and sun-repellent fabric… everything to give the sailor the peace of mind of knowing that he is sailing in a boat in which everything is designed to give maximum speed and comfort to the 420!

Elias Aretz, together with Pablo Garcia, runners-up of the world and Spain 2018

“We have been fortunate to be part of the Lenam team in recent years, getting material that has allowed us to fight at the highest level in this class. It’s a boat that adapts very well to all conditions. The quality of the materials used and the personal dedication behind each boat manufactured, is noticeable in the finish and over time. Added to this is the constant research always looking for the most innovative technologies of the moment to continue being one of the most competitive boats on the market”.

Wichy Hernandez, together with Nacho Balaguer, champions of Spain and fourth  of the world 2018

“I have had a long ride in the 420 class, about 8 years uninterrupted in active sailing.
From 2016 until now I have sailed with Lenam and in the last two years there has been a great evolution to reach the current boat.
Manel has managed to make a very competitive boat, you only have to look at the results obtained that endorse it in recent years.
Its volume in the bow gives us a boat much more stable than the rest and, in wavy conditions, it gives us a lot of comfort and ease to pass the wave. With low wind conditions it is one of the fastest boats in the market.
The new Lenam Race One is harder than its predecessor, the Lenam Gold. The internal construction has been changed and the result is a very fast boat with wind conditions and also it has more durability.
Without a doubt, it is the best quality-to-price ratio 420 you can find. We have the best at home!”

New lighter, softer and more aesthetic kicker and main sail cuningham controls.

New control system of the spi sheet with the barber hook to the maximum in front of the chain allowed.

Simple and effective transom window system with “suction” effect.

New padded belts with no water absorption adjustable thanks to the dynema rope

New material in anti-slip neoprene for the crew member. Perfect grip of the foot and soft to the touch that does not tear the water suits.

New transom bead, which provides greater strength and helps to avoid the annoying collisions typical of regatta starts.

Large opening in front of the daggerboard box that helps to drain the water in the direction of the bayler.

Large opening behind the daggerboard box that helps the perfect drainage of the water in the direction of the bayler.

Simple and hidden centreboard lowering system.

Large bags of anti-solar fabric and Teflon finish, water repellent, with diagonal openings that facilitate the lifting and lowering of the spinaker.
Transparent window in starboard bag for “instructions”.

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