The Argo is the latest and most recent creation of Topper.

The ARGO is a 4.40 meter sailboat designed specifically for club training, sailing schools and family recreational sailing. It has a comfortable capacity for up to four adult crew members. This could be an instructor and up to three students or a family of four members. Even a monitor and 6 people can sail together.

The balance between performance, power, responsive handling and stability is perfect for a wide range of navigation skills, while Argo’s load-bearing capacity, versatility and maintenance-free durability makes the Argo the best option for sailing schools and families.

As soon as you get on board, you will notice how stable the ARGO hull is. The ARGO has a super stable, dynamic hull shape but at the same time it doesn’t notice the mistakes of novice sailors, and controllable features that are not too complex for the less experienced sailors, but also have years of technological progression incorporated into the hull design. In general, the ARGO is fast and exciting, but also easily controllable and easy to navigate.

The ARGO has a contoured side deck made to provide a truly comfortable sitting sensation. A high freeboard, a spacious and deep cabin and a large transverse reinforcement bar, in addition to incomparable stability and smooth running, make the ARGO feel wonderfully reassuring and safe.

The ARGO comes with an exciting asymmetric genakker system as standard, and there is the option of a simpler symmetrical spinnaker system that is ideal for training, for less experienced crews or for certain navigation conditions. It is complemented with the furling jib and the largest possibility of reefing system in the mainsail.

The unrivaled construction of TRILAM by Topper means that the boat will be able to manage all the stresses that come from the long training days of the sailing schools. Also, it practically does not need maintenance.

The ARGO has safety features such as a top mast floating system, straightening lines and grip rails, all standard. An epoxy rudder and daggerboard and the highest specification equipment also come as standard.


Characteristics ARGO
Length 4,40 m
Beam 1,88 m
Sail area (Ex Spi) 12,55 m2
Main 9,13 m2
Jib 3,42 m2
Spinnaker 11,03 m2
Weight 110 kg
Crew 1-4

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