It is common to hear Sailing School Monitors and their sailors say that school boats are wide, with capacity for many children and adults, but also slow and very heavy, which makes them sail without a tight angle and converts the open courses into a journey without speed and therefore very boring.

The response of Topper to this problem is the Omega, a collective boat that has allowed the sailing schools to find a new, different, very fun option that excites children and adults from the first moment of navigation. The Omega offers comfort, safety and maximum performance. Because of that the Omega is the most used collective boat in the Spanish sailing schools.

The boat has very modern lines, sharp on the bow and very wide from the pole to the stern, being open, like all previous models. The Omega has two lateral lines of seat from bow to stern, thus giving room for 6 or 7 people with much comfort.

On the other hand, the possibility of having a reefing system in the mainsail allows a safer navigation with strong winds. It also has a fun and powerful genakker, quick maneuvering of hoisting and lowering, thanks to the halyard of a single line that facilitates the launch and recovery of the genakker that can be carried out by beginners. In addition, once collected, it is hidden by a sock in the bow that is very disguised and does not diminish the space.

The boat comes with an epoxy rudder and daggerboard and all accessories are of the highest quality available.


Characteristics OMEGA
Length 4,70 m
Beam 1,88 m
Sail area (Ex Spi) 14,46 m2
Main 10,71 m2
Jib 3,75 m2
Spinnaker 16,66 m2
Weight 140 kg
Crew 1-7

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