The boat that gives name to the prestigious English company almost needs no introduction. International class, with more than 50,000 boats sold in its 25 years of history.

The Topper offers a great response as a race and initiation boat.

As an international class, the Topper class is fun and friendly but also competitive, and it is the boat that has allowed to take the first steps to some of the best sailors in the world! However, the Class not only produces exceptional talent for navigation, but also helps sailor to acquire skills and strengths that help them to reach their true potential, such as independence, trust, teamwork and physical conditions.

It is perfect for beginners and families. It’s so simple, safe and stable that it inspires confidence in young or novice sailors.

The boat is stronger and lighter than any other comparable boat. So it’s easier to handle in water and or land. The Topper is virtually maintenance free. And a proven track record of reliability means that the resale values ​​are very high.

The Topper hull weighs only 43kg and its design make it perfect to be carried on the roof of the car. In fact, this fantastic feature is where the name “Topper” originates. You can simply place the Topper on the roof of your car and transport your dinghy economically and effortlessly wherever you decide.


Characteristics TOPPER
Length  3,40 m
Beam 1,20 m
Sail area 5,2 m2
Weight 43 kg
Crew 1-2

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