Lenam Vela Ligera S.L. was founded in 1995 with the purpose of responding to all the needs of light sailing boats and their accessories for both sailing schools and families looking for fun boats, simple, minimal maintenance and long duration, as well as sailors looking to start in the world of competition.

More than 3000 boats supplied in all these years have allowed us to know and develop a deep knowledge of the exciting world of sailing, from initial training to high competition, giving precise advice and the best boat for each need.




Lenam is the distributor in Spain and Portugal of the prestigious firm Topper International, the world’s largest polyethylene builder. Topper was the first manufacturer to provide the Trilam solution for the construction of polyethylene boats, consisting of a three-layer, polyethylene-foam-polyethylene, which gives the whole structure of the boat a unique strength while light weight. The boats are of very modern lines, easy to tree, stable, very durable, with the best systems of rigging, hardware and sails.

Topper is in constant evolution to give the best answer to all our customers. Numerous sailing schools in Spain enjoy our wide range, from monohulls to catamarans, from pure initiation boats to collective boats to leave all sailors fully satisfied.

In addition, Topper International can boast of being the only builder in which its entire range is included in the prestigious and select program of the ISAF, the International Sailing Program, of the so-called Learn to Sail, by which each boat applicant is subjected to a rigorous examination of performance, diffusion, durability and safety to get into this unique ranking of the best boats in the world for the teaching of sailing.


And for sailors who want to enter the world of competition, from Lenam we offer our Optimist, 420 and ILCA. Boats very careful in its development process, with special attention to all the smallest details in its finish, well distributed weight,  fast boats in all directions, winds and wave conditions, boats as well as long duration. We like to work in constant dialogue with sailors and coaches.

Many titles achieved in these years, Championships and Spanish Cups, European and World, but the most gratifying is the large number of sailors who have joined the exciting sport of sailing and always be by their side listening to their needs to give them the best response!