Catamaran Topaz 16

After an exhaustive study and extensive testing, this new design of Olympic catamaran champions Yves Loday and Robert White represents an authentic revolution in the sector. The Cat 16 is extremely versatile. The boat is fast, but can be handled by sailors with little experience. It is very stable and well compensated. The assembly of the boat is quick and easy. Its exclusive design of the floats allows you to get in contact with the waves very gently, even if they are large. With strong wind, the mainsail can be reefed and the jib can be rolled up in a matter of seconds. The controls and reenviations of the mainsail and jib have been designed to be used by light crews in hard wind conditions. The rudder system has been tested in all conditions, being very soft to the touch and obedient in response. In addition to all these navigation details, its construction by Topper’s unique polyethylene trilam system makes it virtually indestructible, which guarantees a long life for schools. The Cat 16 is presented in two versions. We have the Cat 16 C, with greater and jib in dacron and a trapeze, and the Cat 16 CX, with more sail area, mainsail and jib in dacron or mylar, genakker and double trapeze.


Characteristics TOPAZ 16 TOPAZ 16X
Longitud 4,72 m
Manga 2,25 m
Peso 140 kg
Tripulación 1-4
Trapecio Doble
Superficie vélica 11,21 m2
Mayor 9,08 m2
Foque 2,13 m2
Gennaker 13,56 m2
Rating SCHRS 1.295 1.250

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