Topaz is Taz’s big brother, since it has similar lines but it is noticeably bigger, being 90cm longer and 25cm wider. Topper International develops an original and innovative system called “Topaz Sailing System”, consisting in which, starting from same hull, up to 4 different models are developed based on the different complements that each version incorporates. This allows, having the the same hull, to be able to choose from the simplest model to the most complete, with the advantage that the various accessories can be installed depending on our improvement in skills and desires.

The cabin is very spacious, allowing an amazing comfort, even sitting comfortably in it with light winds.

Like the previous models, the Topaz is also carriable on the roof of the car.

The TOPAZ SYSTEM comes with a variety of boat options so that the boat can be configured to suit you.

The TOPAZ ‘UNO PLUS’ is the most popular boat option and one of our best-selling boats. The UNO PLUS offers great value as a simple boat for one or two people or up to three children. It is easy to handle and very robust. This boat option provides an excellent introduction to navigation, as well as being an ideal multi-purpose family boat.

The boat TOPAZ ‘RACE PLUS’ offers an additional performance with the use of a battens mainsail in dacron or mylar of 6.9m2.

The boat TOPAZ ‘RACE X’ is for more experienced sailors and it has the addition of an asymmetric 9.0m2 gennaker. The Race X allows a really fast navigation to the sailor that is starting up to a professional navigator. The asymmetric system is simple, easy to use and easy to manipulate and takes the boat to another level that is only found in dinghies that cost twice the price.

The TOPAZ ‘TRES’ platform offers an excellent introduction to trapeze and asymmetric navigation.


Characteristics Topaz Uno + Topaz Race + Topaz Uno Race X Topaz Tres X
Length  3,86 m  3,86 m  3,86 m  3,86 m
Beam 1,45 m  1,45 m  1,45 m  1,45 m
Crew  1-2  1-2  1-2  2
Weight  60 kg  60 kg  60 kg  60 kg
Sail area  6,73 m2  8,01 m2  16,68 m2  18,55 m2
Main 5,64 m2 6,93 m2 6,93 m2 7,52 m2
Jib 1,75 m2 1,75 m2 1,75 m2 2,13 m2
Gennaker 8,41 m2 8,41 m2
Mastil 2 Piezas 2 Piezas 2 Piezas 1 Piezas con crucetas y trapecio

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